Mar 18


Hi Everyone

You may be noticing by now that my site hasn’t changed or been updated for a while.

I’m sorry that I have been very poorly and unable to do very much since January. It is a flare up of the cancer and has given me anemia. I am still undergoing tests and taking new drugs etc. – I will be going for the results of my CT scan tomorrow – Wednesday 19th March.

I am afraid that at the moment I am unable to teach and I’m not sure if I will be able to get back to teaching but watch this space. I may need to refund some people who never came for their voucher lessons.

I have been brought back from the brink again and am feeling much more myself though rather week at the moment. I’m really hoping to get to the Flame off to see everyone :D It would be such a tonic!

The classes with Manda, Jenny and Astrid are all going ahead as planned – they are doing all the work so I don’t have to do much and it is brilliant for me to get to see everyone! :D If anyone else is interested in my ‘Run Your Own Workshop’ scheme I would love to hear from you. Madeline’s class was a great success so you can ask her about it how it worked for her.

I’m really hoping to start spending an hour here and there in the workshop just making what I feel like and then perhaps have a go at selling on the lovely new Facebook Lampwork Beads auction page – it really looks fun.

Please keep in touch everyone and thank you all so much for your love and support – I will continue to update here and on Facebbook



Jan 11

New project for 2014 – stoppered bottles


The first one! :D

Blown bottle with paperweight style stopper, ground in for a nice fit.

8cm high including stopper.

Dec 11

Last 2013 Evening Class – Xmas and Angels Thurs 12th Dec 7.00 til 9.00


Hi Evening Classers :)

I’ve had a request to look into angel making this time.

Probably won’t get as complicated as the above – it’s something I am dallying with at the mo and trying to develope. She has got encased stringer hair and silver blue frit on her dress plus home made translucent colour sculptural wings which could be done much smaller :)

I’m still working on getting the face right but I like the idea of her hair covering part of it which negates the need for symetrical eyes too.

Other than that she is a very simple skittle shape in turquoise with a blob of colour for the face and Sally Southerland style eye.

Some more ideas for simple doll shapes, decorated – love the blue monster ones :)

7.00 til 9.00, £20.00 as usual

Mince pies will be on the menue :D

Looking forward to seeing those who can make it


Nov 25

Astrid Riedel class at Studio 19


Astrid Riedel will be running classes at Studio 19 on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July 2014

Astrid’s blog site:-

Please Note :- Astrid will be taking the bookings for her own classes.
She will send you reqiurements for the class on application.


‘Mokume gane’ Workshops 11th and 12th July 2014


This year we will focus on making abstract beads, using various techniques.The one new technique we will be adding is the “Mokume gane” technique, it is a wonderful technique which adds a exciting new texture to your beads.Some of the other techniques we will learn, is the blowing of shards, a wonderful element in any abstract design, along with wigwags, Enamelled murrini’s, twisties,Pleating, enamel powders, and of course the hair fine stringer application.The above is all done on day 1, on day 2 we will cold work the beads, after which you will be shown how to ramp your beads up to temperature in the kiln to fire polish thebeads in the flame, and you can still add any final decoration to your designs, before a final anealing.

Some of the beads we will etch a section or perhaps the whole bead will be etched. Should there be any time left after completion of the beads, you are welcome to make a bead with all the techniques to then cold work at home.

AstridBead2 copy

Mokume gane translated from JapaneseAstridBead3
means “wood eye metal”. This rare metal lamination process was developed and used by Japanese
craftsmen in the 17th century for the adornment of samurai swords.
Today, mokume gane jewelry is growing in popularity. The images shown are samples of the work we will cover, but not necessarily the exact bead.

AtridBead4AstriBead6Astrid Bead7


Cost for 2 day ‘Mokume Gane’ workshop on 11-12 July 2014
£350.00 for the two days
Workshops are from 10.00-18.00 h with a break for lunch.

Enamel painting in the flame and fine stringer application

Sunday 13th July

Astridenamel1 Astridenamel2 Astridenamel3 Astridenamel4

After a class of fine stringer drawing with me, you will know how to apply the finest hair stringers to any bead, You will be able to create your own artistic sketches with a fine stringer and with the amazing palette of enamel colours we will add life and 3D to your art work!

All the “painting”is done in the flame of the torch.

For the advanced student, I want you to bring along images of what you would like to draw on your bead, in the style that you see above.

We will be using both opaque and transparent enamels.

Cost for 1 day ‘Painting with Enamels’ workshop on 13 July 2014:
£190.00 for one day
This includes glass and enamels
Workshop is from 10.00-18.00 h with a break for lunch.


Nov 13

XMas Jolly Class 30th November/1st December, Tutor Diana East


Announcing Very Easy Bauble Blowing!

Hooray – success!!!

So now I can offer this as a one to one.


I think everyone enjoyed it too :D

I know I did – lovely to see you all x



Also Snow Globe Paperweights



Email dianaeast

07773226123   Studio 19, The Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4NQ


Nov 13

Jennie Lamb is coming to teach at Studio 19 in June 2014


Swirl Beads and 3d Beads with Jennie Lamb – Raspberry Rings
Booking :
Venue : Studio 19, The Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4NQ 07773226123
Dates : 7th/8th June 2014
Costs £125 per day
Deposit £50 (£25 non refundable admin charge)
Balance Due : TBC

Please note that Jenny is taking the bookings for this class herself so if you would like to book please email her on

The Course :

Both of these days will strengthen your relationship with your torch, you will learn to work with the
flame and the flow of the glass to create new and exciting designs and explore colour and the way it
can improve the 3d texture of your beads. You will also get a comprehensive overview of encasing
and finishing those all important holes without relying on tools and rollers.
I like to work with the flow of the glass rather than relying on tools to much and I hope by the end of
this course you will have new confidence to go with the flow and make new discoveries for yourself
with the experience you have gained. If you are not used to making big beads this will help you gain
the confidence to let your beads grow in size.


I will provide Glass Bundles to buy which will be available on the course, if you would like a glass list
before the course I can provide that.
You will need a good quality Tungsten Pick for the course, the best ones I have found are available at I am hoping to be able to bring some with me for you to purchase on the
course. If you have a doming block or a favourite round bead roller you can bring that to that and a
lentil press for the swirl bead day.



Day one – Swirl Beads

I will share the Swirl Bead with you. This bead has lots of scope for adding your own twist and will
involve constructing a base bead with layers of opaque and clear glass then the all important swirl
technique. I will show you how to get real depth to your bead and we will work with heat control
and layering of glass to create real 3d effect. I will show you how to use your glass to open out that
swirl design and keep it crisp and clean with a tiny air bubble captured in the middle. We will also
look at how to translate this design into a larger lentil sytle bead.



Day Two – 3D Beads

We will be learning how to make these 3D Beads and looking at how you can create more depth
through the use of colour layering and creating light and shade. This bead will test your skills at
heat control and encasing. We will be making these beads without the use of tools which will help
you explore the flame and the way the glass moves with gravity.

Nov 12

Evening Class dates 2013

Evening class dates

One more evening class has been scheduled this year:-

Thursday 12th December
Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it :)

Oct 23

Madeline Bunyan 8th and 9th February 2014

Fancy Ingredients for Focals and Sculptural Beads with Madeline Bunyan
8th and 9th February 2014

 This class is now full subject to any cancellations :D

Please note that Madeline is taking the bookings for this class herself so if you would like to book please go to her web site

Madeline’s web site

Madeline says :-

‘I’m teaching a Class at Di East’s Wonderful Studio 19 in February!
Please see my website for booking this class with me, I will email you back reserving your place, if you don’t receive such an email, please try again. Your booking is only confirmed on receipt of the deposit.’

About Madeline


Venue : Studio 19, The Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4NQ  07773226123
Dates : Feb 8th & 9th 2014 (Sat & Sun) 10.30 to 5.30 each day
Costs: 1 Day £145 – Both Days : £250
Deposit : £50 ( £25 non refundable admin charge )
Balance : Due 11th Jan 2014

Building blocks for focal & sculptural beads
Tips, techniques and methods for creating your own individual style, to let out your inner bead artist!
Both of these days together will form a springboard for you to experiment and take further on your own personal bead journey, lots of different ideas to try, and many ways for you to make it your own! Suitable for the intermediate lampworker, looking to improve but lampworkers with less experience and plenty of enthusiasm can learn lots too.


Day 1- Fancy ingredients for Focals


click on picture to view larger version


Focus on focals!


As well as some silver glass and also some silver foil, we will look at other special ingredients to layer in your beads,
so we will be making and applying

  • Silvered ivory shards as well as other fun recipes
  • Wigwags
  • Goldstone stringer & variations of these.

Creating beautifully shaped beads using marvering techniques as well as mashers, paying extra attention to getting good bead holes and keeping them, working with beads that are on the larger side, (though not too big, you’re meant to be learning, not spending the time just melting enough glass!)
The idea behind this day is to show you lots of different ‘ingredients’ that can be used any number of ways, and mixed with any of your own personal favourite ingredients, to produce something that is your own.


Day 2- Sculptural beads day


click on picture to view larger version
To start off we will make some beads which will show you a number of useful sculptural elements, and that can be adapted a number of different ways
chickens, owls & fish, including different fin types, eyes, ears, tool variations, refining details, different orientations on the mandrel, heat control.

The next part of the class we will work on something of your own choosing, to your own design

There will be some drawing involved in the sculptural day, but don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be good! We will be exploring ideas from paper to mandrel and designing sculptural beads that you can actually use (or completely impractical beads for display only if thats what you want!)
bring some source pictures of animal/s (or something else within reason) that you are interested in translating into a bead.

The emphasis of this class is more about how to think sculpturally, to make beads that are truly your own, not just a bit of a variation on something someone already makes

Glass Bundles will be available to purchase on the day, however if you have your own or would prefer to bring what you have I will send out a tool / glass requirements list nearer the time.


If booking accommodation please make sure you can cancel if due to lack of numbers this class is cancelled. It will run with a minimum of 5 Students per day.

Oct 09

Glass Beads Now Exhibition

GLASS BEADS NOW:  An International Survey May 18 – November 16, 2013

A special exhibition organized by guest curator Marshall Hyde featuring glass artists from the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, France, and Japan
EXHIBIT A, 22 East Market, Corning, New York, 14830 / 607-259-1008red apogee
‘Red Apogee’ Brooch – glass on sterling silver and stainless steel

Oct 09

Harlequin And Sundial Cabochons with Manda AKA Mangobeads 10th and 11th May 2014 at Studio 19

We are very excited to announce a class with Amanda Muddimer here at the studio in May 2014.

Please note that Amanda is taking the bookings herself on

Please copy dianaeast@glass2wear in to your emails to Amanda – thank you :)

Harlequin And Sundial Cabochons with Manda AKA Mangobeads



Booking :

Venue : Studio 19, The Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4NQ  07773226123
Dates : May 10-11th 2014
Costs: 1 Day £145 – Both Days : £250
Deposit : £50 ( £25 non refundable admin charge )
Balance : Due End March 2014


I would suggest if at all possible that both classes should be taken together – The Sundial is a perfect
introduction to The Harlequin Class .

Day 1

The Sundial Cabochon
These lovely sunny sundial pendants are not only such fun to make but they are heavily laden in
technique that can be applied to all areas of bead making.
Constructing cabochons can be challenging especially when applying design. The construction of
The Sundial will allow me to demonstrate to you how to do this easily.
We will practice confident use of the torch as a tool, not only using it for effective heat
management, but to our benefit when applying design and layers of colour, keeping our surface
clean and crisp.
I will share with you a technique I have discovered that will enable you to easily alter and perfect
your Sundial design making it very difficult to ‘go wrong’ with raking and manipulation of the glass
– you will be left wondering how you managed without it and will be able to apply all the
knowledge you have learnt constructing your cabochon to many areas of your bead making.
I will demonstrate you how to clean up your work and make simple effective pendants from the
finished cabochons.


Day 2

The Harlequin CabochonThis technique relies heavily on heat control in order to maintain mastery of the glass.
We will practice confident use of the torch as a tool, using it not only effectively for heat
management, but to our benefit when encasing the layers.
I will demonstrate effective use of color in the layered designs discussing with you those that
should be avoided and those that work well. Emphasis will be on demonstrating working cool and
Encasing the design adds impact and clarity and results in a finished cabochon that is quite
beautiful .
Construction of this cabochon demonstrates using the encasing layer to stretch and magnify the
layers of color beneath.
Manda will share with you a technique she has discovered that will enable you to easily alter and
achieve your design making it very difficult to ‘go wrong’ with the manipulation of the glass at the
encasing stage.

Skills Covered

• Mandrel preparation
• Glass Application to a cab mandrel.
• Managing heat on a flat surface and using the heat to move and shape the glass keeping
it centered at all times.
• *Using the heat to move layers of transparent color enabling even easy encasing on a
flat surface.
• Applying layers of color and managing the heat to keep the colors clean and accurate.
• Surface manipulation including raking and a technique for creating a finer controlled
design using tweezers.
• Achieving the perfect shape using the heat and gravity
• Simple effective cleaning and grinding of cabochons without the use of expensive
* On Harlequin Class Only

Glass Bundles will be available to purchase on the day as will tools and mandrels, however if you
have your own or would prefer to bring what you have I will send out a tool / glass requirements list
nearer the time.

If booking accommodation please make sure you can cancel if due to lack of numbers this class iscancelled. It will run with a minimum of 6 Students per day.



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