New Work 2012/2013


Coral Reef Miniature Paperweight on Etsy  11.1.13 
dragon eye chaineddragon eye chained closeup
‘Dragon Eye’

Bottle stoppers for Enderby Twinning Association



Older Work


Photo by Lucy Hunt
‘Wavefunction’ Photo by Lucy Hunt

Flameworked Effetre soda glass bead with enamel and cold work. The protrusions are cold bonded stainless steel with glass finials. The piece is 80mm wide by 100mm high. It is mounted on a silk kumihimo braid made by Jennie Parry.

Concept :- The brain works on a quantum level.
At this level things don’t do what we would expect at all. Because sub atomic particles have wavelike properties apparently they are able to be in more than one place at the same time!
The mathematical expression of a particle’s wave like behaviour is called its ‘wavefunction’.
I think it is all theory but still I find it totally fascinating. No wonder we can’t get a handle on how the brain really works.


‘Chain Reaction’ and ‘Loop’

‘Chain Reaction’ and ‘Loop’
Based on a continuing investigation into the nuts and bolts of identity and conciousness, refering to the movement of positively charged ions in the tissues of the brain. I am aware that there is a strange loop here because I am trying to visualise the very process that I am using for the visualization.

‘Chain Reaction’ and ‘Loop’ are flameworked, sand blasted effetre glass beads with enamels and stainles steel inserts with red glass finials. They are 70 mm high and 60 mm high.