Nov 13

Jennie Lamb is coming to teach at Studio 19 in June 2014


Swirl Beads and 3d Beads with Jennie Lamb – Raspberry Rings
Booking : bazaarbarnstaple@yahoo.co.uk
Venue : Studio 19, The Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4NQ 07773226123
Dates : 7th/8th June 2014
Costs £125 per day
Deposit £50 (£25 non refundable admin charge)
Balance Due : TBC

Please note that Jenny is taking the bookings for this class herself so if you would like to book please email her on bazaarbarnstaple@yahoo.co.uk

The Course :

Both of these days will strengthen your relationship with your torch, you will learn to work with the
flame and the flow of the glass to create new and exciting designs and explore colour and the way it
can improve the 3d texture of your beads. You will also get a comprehensive overview of encasing
and finishing those all important holes without relying on tools and rollers.
I like to work with the flow of the glass rather than relying on tools to much and I hope by the end of
this course you will have new confidence to go with the flow and make new discoveries for yourself
with the experience you have gained. If you are not used to making big beads this will help you gain
the confidence to let your beads grow in size.


I will provide Glass Bundles to buy which will be available on the course, if you would like a glass list
before the course I can provide that.
You will need a good quality Tungsten Pick for the course, the best ones I have found are available at
www.mangobeads.co.uk I am hoping to be able to bring some with me for you to purchase on the
course. If you have a doming block or a favourite round bead roller you can bring that to that and a
lentil press for the swirl bead day.



Day one – Swirl Beads

I will share the Swirl Bead with you. This bead has lots of scope for adding your own twist and will
involve constructing a base bead with layers of opaque and clear glass then the all important swirl
technique. I will show you how to get real depth to your bead and we will work with heat control
and layering of glass to create real 3d effect. I will show you how to use your glass to open out that
swirl design and keep it crisp and clean with a tiny air bubble captured in the middle. We will also
look at how to translate this design into a larger lentil sytle bead.



Day Two – 3D Beads

We will be learning how to make these 3D Beads and looking at how you can create more depth
through the use of colour layering and creating light and shade. This bead will test your skills at
heat control and encasing. We will be making these beads without the use of tools which will help
you explore the flame and the way the glass moves with gravity.