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Introduction class

Introduction Class Contents
1. Equipment and materials:- Where to get them and how to set up and use safely

2. Torches – hot head demo, minor burner turning on and off, flame properties and temperature zones, reduction/oxidization.

3. Vermiculite verses annealing oven, annealing, stress in glass, expansion and compatibility.

4. Melting and getting control of the glass – drops, pulling stringers of different thicknesses, twisted stringers.


5. Bead making – mandrels, mandrel release, working at different temperatures.

Doughnut shaped bead – melting completely and centering – treacle consistency.

Applying dots.

Melting them in.

Dots on dots left raised

Melted in making rings

Dots on dots, gravity twist.

Dots raked with stringer – fern pattern

Dots scrolled with a stringer.

Rings raked with a fine stringer


Barrel shaped bead – working on a mandrel
at lower temperature – putty consistency.


Stringers feathered with a knife.

Stringers raked with a pick.

Stringers and dots raked.

Stringers with gravity twist and side shift.

Bead with twisted stringer.
Some more advanced techniques which can be demonstrated.
A choice of one or two these maybe tried by the student.

1. Plunge flower bead.
2. Crumb and gold leaf cased with clear and creased with a knife.
3. Plunge bead.
4. Melon bead with twisted stringer and creased with a knife.
5. Overlapping rings to give scale pattern.
6. Zoned dots with raking and scrolling.
7. Raised dots on dots in symmetrical pattern.
8. Silver foil core cased with colours.
9. Random rings.
10.Twisted stringer with scrolling.
11. Applied stringer left proud.


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  1. Louise Richardson

    Hello Diana

    I am really interested in learning about glass. I have been amazed at some of the things I see made from it and would love to know how it is done. I paint at present using different mediums but would love to have some tuition in this if at all possible. My phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I only live in Narborough.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Diana

      Hi Louise
      I haven’t any beginners classes scheduled but one to one can be arranged to suit you.
      I will try phoning you.
      My number is 0777322123
      Best wishes

  2. Allison

    Hi Diana,

    I’m really interested to learn about glass making and to work with glass. I’ve no particular artistic talents as such, just a fascination and appreciation of beautiful things. I was mesmerised by a glass chandelier whilst on holiday last year, I think it was quite simply, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
    My number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, it’s Sunday today so won’t disturb you but if you are organising a class I would be interested to attend. I live in Broughton Astley which is very close to Louise in Narborough.

    Kind regards

    1. Diana

      Hi Allie
      I don’t have a beginners class scheduled at the moment – I’m doing them all as one to one which can be arranged to suit you.
      My phone number is 077732263 or email dianaeast@glass2wear.com
      Looking forward to hearing from you
      Best wishes

    2. Diana

      Hi Allie
      I have tried phoning you and your number comes up as a wrong number :(
      I’ll wait for you to get in touch with me
      Best wishes

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