Miniature Paperweights Class in Holland

Miniature Paperweights and Paperweight Style in Beads

Thank you to everyone who came to this class – it was such fun and thank you so much to Margriet and JanHein for hosting it – it was lovely to see you both :)

Two day class in Tilburg, Netherlands 23rd/24th February 2013
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The ‘Paperweight Style’ is simply the use of a lot of clear glass with coloured componants embedded in it giving depth.

In this class we will be making ‘gismos’ and learning to encase them. This technique can be used both in paperweights and paperweight style glass beads.

I will be bringing along some ready made gismos to use in the class so that we can get straight on with learning to encase them successfully as this is really the most imporant part. (Canes are available for sale from all sorts of people on the internet and I also have my own particular ones)

Then we will start to learn to make our own canes followed by turning them into gismos. Finally we can put the whole lot together and make beautiful little objects from buttons and cabouchons through beads and pendants to gorgeous little miniature paperweights.

Gismos are just the little things made before hand to put into paperweights or paperweight style beads. They can be bits of cane or little implosion type things etc. See picture of a bead with a sponge cane in it and by the side of the bead is shown the ‘sponge’ cane slice and two gismos made from it ready to put into a bead, One has a yellow background and one blue. They are slightly domed and already encased in clear with a clear stringer handle to stick out of the kiln whilst warming them up ready for use – just one example.


The shell in the first paperweight is another example. It is premade but not encased. The shells actually make really nice little ear studs too.

Simpler gismos are the pointy bits of cane that become the ‘crinoid’ creatures in the second bead. There are other bits of cane doing different things both in the paperweights and the beads.